Short Story of the Week for July 2, 2017

Recently I started taking part in several writing prompt challenges to help my own writing out. You may have read one of my 13 Week Streak stories, or something I dreamed up from a prompt at Be Kind Rewrite.

An unexpected benefit of taking part in these challenges has been the number of great stories I’ve read by other writers doing the same thing. Continue reading “Short Story of the Week for July 2, 2017”

2017 Publication Schedule: The Second Half

Earlier this year, I released my first science fiction novel, Banquet. And last year, I published several others. So what’s in store for the rest of the year?

Hint: One is something readers have been waiting for more than a year to get their hands on; the other is something I never thought I would continue.

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NOS4A2 [Book Review]

Horror readers will know what I’m talking about here. Ever read a book that brings you back to the beginning, when you were first dedicating hours at a time to one book and letting it seep into your regular life like a cloying, sickly sweet incense?

Yeah. This book did that for me. It reminded me why I started reading horror in the first place, and brought me back to childhood, when I could more easily suspend disbelief and let a monster rampage through my mind like a mad horseman. Continue reading “NOS4A2 [Book Review]”

Progress Report: January – June 2017

As far as tracking my progress is concerned, I’m not great at it.

I don’t always log my words. I go months at a time of writing fiction, blog posts, etc. without admitting to myself that I need to keep track of my output, because I’m kind of stubborn and a little bit lazy.

So this progress report is going to be a mixed bag.

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