Short Story of the Week for July 30, 2017

Flash fiction is a unique flavor of short story writing. It’s harder, for sure, but when done well, it’s also richer and sharper, and it can stay with you as long as a full-length book.

I tasked myself with choosing my favorite short story or flash fiction story for the previous week. Here’s my latest pick.

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“It’s In The Box” [Story Review]

In an effort to clean up my website and keep posts going even when I’m not available, I’ll be scheduling up some posts from a long time ago that are still relevant today.

Today’s review is for a story published by The Other Publishing Company in 2013 that I originally reviewed in May 2014. It’s called It’s In The Box, and it’s the story of a very special girl with a… unique collection.
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Short Story of the Week for July 2, 2017

Recently I started taking part in several writing prompt challenges to help my own writing out. You may have read one of my 13 Week Streak stories, or something I dreamed up from a prompt at Be Kind Rewrite.

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Another excerpt from Eager Observer… [Free Short Fiction]

While working on Eager Observer, the third book in my LGBT suspense trilogy (Deviant Behaviors), I accidentally included a writing prompt, so I figured I could excerpt it here for your reading pleasure.

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