If The Labyrinth and the Harry Potter universe had a baby… [Book Review]

Have you ever gotten the chance to read a book that seemed like it would be two of your favorites melded together? That’s how I felt when I signed on to read the first in a new fantasy series recently. Continue reading “If The Labyrinth and the Harry Potter universe had a baby… [Book Review]”

Closed Roads, Open Doors [Free Short Fiction]

Since there really is no time like the present, I wanted to get started on my newest challenge while it was fresh in my mind.

This post comes from my effort to write a Story a Day every (week)day in May. I’m not posting all of them, only those I think will be great for blog readers. They will all be tagged [Free Short Fiction] for easier browsing. Continue reading “Closed Roads, Open Doors [Free Short Fiction]”

It’s like if Luke Skywalker was a girl…

My newest, Banquet, is finally out!

If you want me to be honest, I’ve been saying it’s like…

If Luke Skywalker had been born a girl and grown up with emotionally distant parents, joined a roving band of space pirates, been betrayed by her leader, then defected, tried to kill him, and was sent to a prison planet to serve out a life sentence.

Only she didn’t make it, because the prison transport crashed, and now she’s on a planet with an equally terrible leader, but this one is running a deadly competition for his own benefit and enjoyment.

And it’s #72 on the Amazon LGBT Science Fiction store right now. Continue reading “It’s like if Luke Skywalker was a girl…”

Righteous, she follows. [Free Short Fiction]

I can’t believe it’s less than a week now until my new science fiction book, Banquet, comes out.

On one hand, I’m nervous, because I’ve never written long-form sci-fi before. On the other, I have always loved space opera, and I’m hoping to shake it up a bit by adding my own brand of strange into this well-defined genre.


Since I’ve been thinking so much about the book and the universe in which it is set, it was only natural that I use some writing prompts to understand it all better. I used three prompts for this short story. Continue reading “Righteous, she follows. [Free Short Fiction]”

A finished manuscript is a terrible thing to waste.

This is it.

It’s happened!

I managed it – again!

This morning I completed another manuscript first draft. This one is the sequel to The Set Up, and its name is Sweat.

cover of Sweat by Adan Ramie

Sweat is about a woman named Haley who – while trying to get over her first love – meets a sexy personal trainer with a black hole of a past that threatens to swallow her up.

Or something like that. I’ll let you lovely readers know when it’s available for pre-order.

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Grieving mother seeks solace, finds a mystery that turns into pure horror in By the Dark of Her Eyes. [Book Review]

I’m one of those readers who likes a lot of different genres, so when I find two of my favorites smashed into one book, I nearly always have to take a peek at the story. That’s what happened with the book I’m reviewing today. I saw it was horror… then realized it was lesbian fiction, as well, and knew it was a story I needed in my life.

Ghosts, trauma, and a sexy lesbian contractor? Count me in! I went into this book looking for a great mix of two genres, and I was not disappointed. Continue reading “Grieving mother seeks solace, finds a mystery that turns into pure horror in By the Dark of Her Eyes. [Book Review]”

Romance and mystery with indie authors and the “First Day, First Paragraph” tag

A friend of mine tagged me last month to play a blog game he created. I wasn’t sure if I would participate; I don’t always, especially when I’m already feeling overwhelmed with work and other responsibilities. But this time I actually have something to offer in the form of a sneak peak into the sequel to The Setup. Continue reading “Romance and mystery with indie authors and the “First Day, First Paragraph” tag”