Not Standing Idly By (Support for the Charlottesville Terror Attack Victims)

When I heard there was going to be a ‘white nationalist’ (read: Nazi) rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, I shook my head. Another headline full of hate in deeply troubling times, and there was nothing I, or really most of us, could do to stop it.

Then I heard the worst news. One of the racists in the rally had murdered a counter-protester, Heather Heyer, a woman friends and relatives had described as “passionate”, “a people person” who always stood up for people she believed were being bullied.

An organization called Unity C-ville has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for the victims of this brutal attack. You can donate directly here.

I will be donating 50% of the proceeds in the next 72 hours from the sales of my work to this worthwhile cause. That goes for all my books, stories, and collections.

It is my aim in publishing to raise my queer, female-bodied, gender nonconformative voice for people like me and people who aren’t like me, to show that different is good, that we are all worthwhile, and we all deserve to be heard.

We cannot fight hate with hate, or violence with violence. All we can do is look inside ourselves for the change we wish to see in the world, and provide support and love to those who need it.

Be safe out there, folks.

Celebrating #BrownBoyhood with Melanites Action Pals! [We Are The World Blogfest]

I heard about the We Are The World Blogfest a while back, but I was unsure of how I would actually be a part of it. #WATWB is a blog hop that encourages bloggers to share good news.

The problem? Most of the news I see these days is bad news.

I was hesitant, but I had a free hour, so I figured I would give it a shot. A quick Google search for “good news” later, I had my topic: Melanites Action Pals! Continue reading “Celebrating #BrownBoyhood with Melanites Action Pals! [We Are The World Blogfest]”

The Power of Pride

I am not a fraud.

But there was a time in my life – not all that long ago, if I’m being honest with myself – that I did everything I could to hide who I really was. I pretended to be the kind of person my parents wanted me to be and the kind of person I thought my kids needed me to be.

I was terribly unhappy, and more than once over the years I tried to end it all. Continue reading “The Power of Pride”

Spew [Free Short Fiction]

Some days, the endless stream of division, greed, hate, and suffering manage to overtake me, and become all that I can think about. This piece – which is part fiction, part “reality” – is a product of the sludge filling my brain (and the internet) after the events of late.

Feel free to skip it if you’re tired of thinking/hearing about politics.

Today’s free short fiction story comes from my effort to write a Story a Day every (week)day in May. I’m not posting all of them, only those I think will be great for blog readers, like this one. They will be tagged [Free Short Fiction] for easier searching. Continue reading “Spew [Free Short Fiction]”