REVIEW: Land of Terror by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Originally published 2015-02-23: Land of Terror by Edgar Rice Burroughs TBR Pile Challenge Review 3

Published in 1944, Land of Terror was the sixth in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Pellucidar series. I’ve read none of the others, nor have I ever read his work before, but I grabbed this at a library sale because of its interesting cover.

cover of sci-fi novel Land of Terror by Edgar Rice Burroughs


David Innes has traveled from our world into the center of the Earth, where he has become renowned, feared, and respected to many in the land of Pellucidar. Within the first few chapters, he finds himself lost, captive, and in search of his mate, Dian the Beautiful.

(I’ll save my comments on her heinously sexist title and one-dimensional characterization for later.)

David braves a number of perils, from prehistoric creatures, to large, brutish, bearded clans of women, to a race of dark-skinned people whom he notes “treated us with far greater toleration here than our dark-skinned races are accorded on the outer crust.”

My Review

What can I say about this book? At first, I found myself bored. Then, a few pages in, I found myself halfway to enraged at what seemed to be the author’s disregard for women as a whole. Overall, though, I would say it was a pretty decent sci-fi/fantasy story.

I struggled with his seemingly childish racism, blatant sexism, and occasional mind-numbing superiority through this book, but I can say that, despite these failings, the story is there. When I wasn’t annoyed at his prejudices, I often found myself lost in this strange fantasy world of Burroughs’ imagining.

Will I read another of his books? Maybe one day. I give it three of five stars for keeping me engaged past the first few chapters.

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