I Must Write My Book [Book Review]

I’ve been on my indie publishing journey for four years now, and the one most important thing I’ve learned along the way is that you never stop learning new things.

Everything changes constantly in the publishing world. The only thing that doesn’t change? What really matters: getting a book into the hands of a reader.

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“It’s In The Box” [Story Review]

In an effort to clean up my website and keep posts going even when I’m not available, I’ll be scheduling up some posts from a long time ago that are still relevant today.

Today’s review is for a story published by The Other Publishing Company in 2013 that I originally reviewed in May 2014. It’s called It’s In The Box, and it’s the story of a very special girl with a… unique collection.
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Dirty Little Secrets [Book Review]

Before I write this review, I have to admit one thing: I didn’t know what this book was about going in.

See, I’ve been doing this thing where I’m trying like hell to make it through all the books I own – hardback, soft cover, and Kindle alike – because my TBR list is getting out of hand.

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