Dirty Little Secrets [Book Review]

Before I write this review, I have to admit one thing: I didn’t know what this book was about going in.

See, I’ve been doing this thing where I’m trying like hell to make it through all the books I own – hardback, soft cover, and Kindle alike – because my TBR list is getting out of hand.

So I started this book with no expectations but that it would be a book about murder. Continue reading “Dirty Little Secrets [Book Review]”

NOS4A2 [Book Review]

Horror readers will know what I’m talking about here. Ever read a book that brings you back to the beginning, when you were first dedicating hours at a time to one book and letting it seep into your regular life like a cloying, sickly sweet incense?

Yeah. This book did that for me. It reminded me why I started reading horror in the first place, and brought me back to childhood, when I could more easily suspend disbelief and let a monster rampage through my mind like a mad horseman. Continue reading “NOS4A2 [Book Review]”

Vuckovic’s Horror Miscellany [Book Review]

I love horror. No, really, I love it. Despite never having written a horror novel, I can honestly say that horror is in my top three favorite genres of books and movies.

Horror is kind of my thing.

That’s why my wife bought this book for me. That, and because she’s awesome. And this book didn’t disappoint. Continue reading “Vuckovic’s Horror Miscellany [Book Review]”

Lauren Laurano #4 & #5 [Book Review]

There are few things more satisfying for me as a reader than finishing a series. I did just that by reading not one, but two books in a series I started a while back based on a lesbian private investigator set in 1990s New York City. I ended up reading the last two books over the Memorial Day weekend and loved them! Continue reading “Lauren Laurano #4 & #5 [Book Review]”