Earth’s finest battle the monsters who attacked our world, but this time, they’re behind enemy lines. [Book Review]

Just about everyone has heard of the radio broadcast that caused what some called a “mass panic” when aired the night before Halloween in 1938. War of the Worlds helped its author, H.G. Welles, get the contract to write, direct, produce, and star in Citizen Kane, which has been called one of the greatest movies of all time.

So when my friend and fellow writer, Mark Gardner, told me he and John J. Rust were writing a sequel to War of the Worlds, I knew that was a story I had to read.

cover of War of the Worlds Retaliation by Rust and Gardner

Book Description

1898: Martian tripods lay waste to Earth’s cities. The world’s armies are unable to stem the tide of destruction. When all hope appears lost, common bacteria kills the alien invaders. From the ashes, the human race uses the technology left behind by the Martians to build new, advanced weapons.

1924: Armed with their own spaceships, tripods, and jet fighters, the nations of the world are ready to take the fight to Mars. George Patton, Erwin Rommel, Charles de Gaulle, and Georgy Zhukov lead their troops in battle across the red planet to end the alien menace once and for all. But the Martians have one last, desperate plan to try, and if successful, it could mean the end for all humanity.

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Happy birthday, Frank Sinatra.

black and white image of a young Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, one of the most talented performers of modern times, was born December 12, 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey to Italian immigrants. “Ol’ Blue Eyes” was one of those singers that makes you stop and listen, and his acting wasn’t half bad, either. He died in Los Angeles, California on May 14, 1998 after a heart attack.

Today would have been his 101st birthday.

Happy birthday, Frank! Thanks for everything.

Morbid Traditions: Day of the Dead and Plan Your Epitaph Day

The Day of the Dead. Most everyone has heard of it, but many don’t know exactly what it’s about. I have always loved the art and pageantry that went along with Dia de los Muertos, but I haven’t ever been able to accurately celebrate it — until now.

In central and southern Mexico, the indigenous peoples believe that on the night of October 31st, the gates of the afterlife open up, and the spirits of departed children (angelitos) return to Earth to reunite with their families. This is why much of the Day of the Dead decorations and food are brightly colored, toy-like, and sweet. They’re created in part to appease these beloved lost children, and in part to appease those who still live.

On November 2nd, it is believed that the departed adults return to walk among the living. The offerings left for adults are different — cigars and alcohol are the typical fare. In the afternoon, people go to the cemetery to reminisce, clean the graves of loved ones, and spend time with those who are still alive. Grand altars, called ofrendas are decorated with food, drinks, and candles and left for the weary spirits.

image of a gravestone in winter with the name STIFF

Original image credit to Kenn W. Kiser at

In lighthearted American tradition, a Californian named Lance Hardie created a holiday called Plan Your Own Epitaph Day. Why would you want to write your own epitaph? From the website:

Because, if you do nothing, someone else will put your name and dates on your gravestone, period. If you are terribly unlucky, they’ll add something like ‘Dearly missed’ or ‘Beloved Cousin’ or maybe even worse.

Some epitaphs of notable people follow.

Liberty, Humanity, Justice, Equality — Susan B. Anthony

“That’s All Folks!” The Man of a Thousand Voices — Mel Blanc

Called Back — Emily Dickinson (self-written)

On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia. — W.C. Fields

For more famous epitaphs, visit Brain Candy Celebrity Quotes.

image of a dying dahlia flower

All this got me thinking. If I were to die today, what would I want written on my tombstone? Something pithy? Witty? Sappy? Something else that ends with -y?

Here lies Adan Ramie. We all knew she was a klutz.

Adan Ramie. Beloved best-selling author, parent, spouse, and friend.

She bled words onto a page for people she didn’t even know.

Another selfie casualty.

She shouldn’t have tried to punch that bear.

She sucked in a breath, then stopped.

Adan Ramie: Accursed writer. She had too many black cats.

Or, my favorite: Adan Ramie. All she was supposed to be.

image of two people dressed up for a Day of the Dead celebration

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