#1: The Books


Eager Observer

Banquet Front Cover by Mark Gardner

My newest book, Eager Observer, closes out my dark romantic thriller trilogy.

My most recently published book, Banquet, was my foray into inclusive space opera.

What’s next? Another romance, of course!

#2: The Stories

If you haven’t been following along these past weeks, you missed my serial fiction story, ParaDice Point. But you can still catch up, because all the pieces are collected in one page.

If you’re not into clicking through piece-by-piece, try one of the stand-alones at the same link. There’s a little something for everyone in the list.

#3: The Journey

I love writing books and short fiction, but I also try to share stories from the writing trenches when I can. As an indie author in a niche genre (LGBT/non-erotica), I have a unique perspective on how the author journey can develop.

#4: The Group

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Feel free to click any of the links above, hit up the main menu, or just start searching the site. You never know what you’ll come across as you dig through my old posts. Welcome! And enjoy. – – Adan