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review image of The Setup by Adan Ramie

Coming Soon

cover of Sweat by Adan Ramie cover of Rescued by Adan Ramie

Deviant Behaviors series

cover of Maladaptation (Deviant Behaviors, #1) by Adan Ramie cover of Take-Out (Deviant Behaviors, #1.5) by Adan Ramie cover of Cluster B (Deviant Behaviors, #2) by Adan Ramie A World of Deviant Behaviors, Book 1: Lee - cover

No End to the Dark series

Darkness Undone by Adan Ramie Consuming Darkness by Adan Ramie Darkness Comes by Adan Ramie

Short Stories

cover of Unfamiliar Territory by Adan Ramie cover of From the Ash by Adan Ramie Inheritance by Adan Ramie Cover for Lines Blur by Adan Ramie Him and Her by Adan Ramie Cover


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