13 Stories

I was spending way too much time updating the links for all the stories I posted for the 13 Week Streak writing challenge, so here are all of them in order.

13 week streak

The Stories

  1. Discount Rate
  2. Excursion
  3. Squirm
  4. Fast Car (ParaDice Point, Part 1)
  5. Carnies (ParaDice Point, Part 2)
  6. Sight to See (ParaDice Point, Part 3)
  7. A Tooth for a Tooth (ParaDice Point, Part 4)
  8. Dropping Bombs (ParaDice Point, Part 5)
  9. Home to Roost
  10. Stakeout (ParaDice Point, Part 6)
  11. Daring
  12. Bait and Switch (ParaDice Point, Part 7)
  13. last story coming soon!

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