It’s Official: Love Wins!

My wife called me as I was walking in the door from grocery shopping this morning. She sounded weepy as she told me to turn on the television.

“What channel?” I asked.

“All of them. It’s on all of them.”

I flipped it on, and what I saw nearly knocked me off my feet. I pulled the ottoman over and collapsed.

June 26 Marriage Equality Ruling

It happened. SCOTUS ruled IN FAVOR of marriage equality.

Today, instead of having to say that my wife and I are married in “over half” of states, I can say that we’re MARRIED. Period. No qualifications. No more apologizing. No more begging to be treated like equal members of society… Well, at least where our marriage is concerned. We still have a long way to go, but this is a GIANT LEAP for all Americans toward full equality.


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