When BFFs turn lovers, not everyone is keen on the idea. [Book Review]

Though most readers probably know me from my horror and thriller stories, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a sappy romance. (I’ve even tried my hand at writing a few, and will definitely be writing more, along with horror, thriller, science fiction, etc., in the future.)

So when lesfic author E. A. Kafkalas agreed to let me review her book, I was excited to see what twist she had put on the familiar best-friends-turned-lovers storyline.

cover of lesfic romance Out of Grief by EA Kafkalas

Book Description

Where does friendship stop and love begin?

Nikki Kay is a successful lesbian romance author, from a loving Russian family. Her best friend Quinn from an uptight Anglo-Saxon family has been her best friend since childhood. Unfortunately for Nikki, Quinn is more than a best friend—she is the only woman Nikki ever truly loved.

When Quinn’s husband kills himself unexpectedly, Nikki rushes to Quinn’s side. And just as they need each other more than ever, Quinn discovers she’s carrying his child. While Quinn sees no problem leaning on Nikki to get her through, Nikki is faced with battling her growing attraction.

My Rating

The description of this book is a little misleading, though I doubt it was done intentionally.

Nikki has been in love with Quinn for as long as she can remember, and she finally confessed her love when they were teenagers. Unfortunately, Quinn tells Nikki that she doesn’t feel the same way, and they remain friends.

When Quinn’s husband suddenly commits suicide, Nikki is at her side as soon as she can get there. But there’s just one problem: Nikki is still in love with Quinn, and Quinn’s mother is a raging bigot who relies on her religion to be cruel to the women for their close relationship.

Well, actually, there are two problems. Quinn’s mother, and Quinn’s actions.

Instead of acting like a grieving widow, she acts more like a teenage girl whose boyfriend has broken up with her before prom, and she rests her head on her gay best friend like she’s her new pseudo-boyfriend without the benefits.

I found myself rooting for Nikki to break free of Quinn, to let the woman grieve her husband, and to move on with her own mostly nonexistent love life… Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen, because Quinn soon realizes she is pregnant with her dead husband’s baby.

And, naturally, Nikki steps up to the plate and performs as pseudo-husband and father for the unborn child, even as her own personal life goes down the toilet. Even her other friend, Kat, begs Nikki to realize that Quinn has been stringing her along for years, but Nikki is too stubborn to admit it.

While this book was still a pretty good one, I wanted this book to end differently than it did. I wanted Nikki to have a life separate from the girl who held her back for so long, and that’s why I give this book three of five stars. For those who love when the best friends forever end up in a relationship, this book will probably make you happier than it made me.

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