Really? You’re writing Sci-Fi now?!

pink llama, "Whatever, I do what I want."

Why Sci-Fi?

Last NaNoWriMo, I took on two challenges. I challenged myself to finish a manuscript in November, and my writing group challenged each other to write a book set in space.

What came out of that glorious duality was my first science fiction book, Banquet (Lesbians in Space, #1).

draft cover for my sci-fi lesfic, Banquet, Lesbians in Space
This is the cover I used while I was writing the first draft. Very NaNo-chic, yes?

I didn’t technically win NaNoWriMo with just this book, because it came in at about 40,000 words, but I consider it a smashing success. I was so excited about the book (and the genre departure!) that, beginning in January, I put on my editing hat and went hard.

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

I edited it once. I edited it twice. It’s gone through a few beta readers now, and I’ve edited it again. (I’m still looking for more beta readers who can read the book and get feedback to me by early-to-mid-March. Email me at if you want to take a stab at it!)

And it’ll go through another set of edits once I get the feedback from all the people who currently are or will soon be reading the book.

When can I get my hands on the book?

It’s almost done, and I’m confident it will be ready in time for the April 24th release date. That’s right. You can pre-order this bad boy right now by clicking the red box below.

buy button

And, in addition to beta readers, I’m also looking for people read the ARC in the coming months and leave advanced reviews. If a lesbian space opera seems right up your alley and you love reviewing books all over the internets, shoot me a line and I’ll see about getting you a MOBI or EPUB file.

Your faithful genre-snubbing queer fiction author, signing off.

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