I think I’m being followed…

image of a human shadow in the dark forest

Or, at least, I hope I will be soon.

Here’s the deal:

When I switched from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, things got a little crazy. No one could follow my blog to get automatic updates on when I posted. And that sucked.

image of a cat bent down in brush waiting for prey

I tinkered with code, tried plugins, raged, cried, and generally made a pest of myself until I finally came across the Jetpack plugin.

Now, when you leave a comment on one of my posts, you have the option to click a little checkbox to be subscribed to new post notifications.

Easy peasy, right?

So… what are you waiting for? Follow my blog from the sidebar (GET EMAILS) to get those notifications. Or you can just join my newsletter from the popup or the link in the menu that says YOU WANT FREE. Your call.

piece of paper that says "follow your heart"

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