It’s like if Luke Skywalker was a girl…

My newest, Banquet, is finally out!

If you want me to be honest, I’ve been saying it’s like…

If Luke Skywalker had been born a girl and grown up with emotionally distant parents, joined a roving band of space pirates, been betrayed by her leader, then defected, tried to kill him, and was sent to a prison planet to serve out a life sentence.

Only she didn’t make it, because the prison transport crashed, and now she’s on a planet with an equally terrible leader, but this one is running a deadly competition for his own benefit and enjoyment.

And it’s #72 on the Amazon LGBT Science Fiction store right now.


I’m excited to be so high up there, but I have to admit, I still wish it was higher. Can you lovely readers help me out?

Buy Banquet on Amazon (or your favorite retailer) here.

I’d love to see it reach the top 10. None of my books have ever gotten this close, and it would really help me with the motivation I need to get that subscriber-only anthology out before the month is over.

Oh, I didn’t tell you about that?

nbd han solo

It’s called #LU2D, and it’s got three sections: Romance, Suspense, and Speculative [horror/weird fiction/sci-fi], with 4-5 stories for each section. I’m hoping to get it out before the end of the month, so sign up for my newsletter now if you want to grab that.

Otherwise (or additionally!), grab your copy of Banquet. Help a writer out – and help yourself to a fast, engaging read.

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6 responses to “It’s like if Luke Skywalker was a girl…”

  1. Sounds interesting, I’ll bite. Most pairings I read/write are M/M so it’ll be neat to read F/F for a change. Looking forward to vengeance and space-battles! (please let there be space battles… *crosses fingers*)


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