Craft, business, and the best advice an indie can get in a book bundle. [Book Review]

To be honest, I don’t even know how I got my hands on this book bundle. As of this writing [in February 2017], I can’t find it available for purchase. That being said, each of the three books in the bundle are available, so I wanted to share my thoughts anyway, in case the writers out there are looking for a resource in your publishing journey.

cover of The Indie Author Power Pack book bundle by Penn, Platt, Truant, and Gaughran

Book Description

Get on the road to a successful self-publishing career! THE INDIE AUTHOR POWER PACK is the ultimate starter guide, chock-full of some of the best help around to boost motivation, productivity and sales.

This indispensable bundle – AVAILABLE ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME – has over 1000 pages of solid tactics, proven strategies, and actionable advice you can use during each step of the publishing process, from content creation to production and distribution to marketing.

Tap into:
* expert methods for building story worlds, characters, and plots
* a psychology-driven model to shape stories into must-have “products”
* best practices for editing
* practical approaches to cover design, formatting and pricing
* optimized tips for selling fiction vs non-fiction
* short-term vs long-term marketing plans
* updated tactics for building platform and launching new books
* collaborative techniques for selling
* strategies for optimizing profit beyond the written word

These are THE SAME recently updated editions of popular titles you’ve heard of by industry names you trust. In fact, the authors have collaborated to bring you additional exclusive BONUS content you can access FREE!

Whether you’re a newbie or an indie expert, you’ll find plenty of insights here to help inform your career.

My Rating

If you read all three of these books back-to-back, you will find a lot of conflicting information – but that’s one of the reasons this bundle works so well. Written by masters of indie writing and publishing, it gives several different accounts – each useful in their own right – of how these authors made a name for themselves in the indie (and traditional!) publishing worlds.

I give this bundle four of five stars for being all-encompassing. Read separately, each of these books has its pros and cons. Not every book in this bundle will be for every writer; instead, in separating what resonates with you from what doesn’t, you will find the answers you are looking for much easier than if you only read one book over another. I recommend it to indies and aspiring writers alike!

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