2017 Publication Schedule: The Second Half

Earlier this year, I released my first science fiction novel, Banquet. And last year, I published several others. So what’s in store for the rest of the year?

Hint: One is something readers have been waiting for more than a year to get their hands on; the other is something I never thought I would continue.

SWEAT (Moving On #2): July 28, 2017

cover of Sweat by Adan Ramie

*This is the second book in the Moving On series following The Setup.

Haley’s life just crashed and burned. What’s a single lesbian to do when her dream girl meets the woman of her dreams?

When one of her two best friends finally meets The One, Haley must give up on the crush she’s had on her since she was a kid and move on with her life. She decides she needs to get out of the house, shake up her routine, and start dating again.

So when she gets into a car accident and is forced to stay in the house she shares with her first love and her girlfriend, she needs a distraction. She fills it with the company of two vastly different women.

She has a sick feeling that the woman with whom she shared a bed may have kept a secret that put her life in danger – and chasing after her will jeopardize the budding relationship with someone she could come to love.

pre-order now

EAGER OBSERVER (Deviant Behaviors #3): October 3, 2017

Eager Observer
*Working cover.

*This is the third book in the Deviant Behaviors trilogy following Maladaptation and Cluster B.

She’s got her badge back, but Detective Harry Thresher is still spiraling. Booze, women, and working outside of the bounds of the law are still her forte, even if her new partner, rookie detective Erin Garcia, doesn’t like it.

They’re on the case of the man the press has dubbed the Initial Killer. He’s one of the smartest – or luckiest – killers Harry has ever pursued, and every lead leaves her cold. But when she gets on the trail of crime blogger Millie Hamlin, Harry knows it’s the trail she has to follow, no matter who doesn’t like it.

The Initial Killer has a message for all of them. Will Harry solve the case before he kills someone closer to home?

Pre-orders for this book will start soon; just waiting for Amazon’s pre-order window to open up.

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