The Hunt [Book Review]

I bought this book as soon as I was finished with the first in the series, because I loved that one so much. It was gritty, fast-paced, sickening, REAL.

The sequel was no different.

What book am I talking about? The Hunt (Atlanta Burns #2). I read the first Atlanta Burns book a while back and raved about it.

And even though Amazon has decided that my review isn’t valid because I liked the book so much (grumblealgorithmsgrumbleI’mnotbitter), I decided to post it here. 🙂

Atlanta Burns The Hunt

Book Description

It’s Atlanta’s senior year of high school, and she is officially infamous. Not only has she saved herself from a predator, brought down an untouchable dogfighting ring, and battled a pack of high-school bullies, but she’s also proclaimed to the Internet her willingness to fight for anyone who needs help. And Atlanta can’t believe what’s coming out of the woodwork. From an old friend to a troop of troubled girls with connections to a local fracking company, there’s definitely fire in the water. As always, the girl with the unforgettable name is not afraid to burn it all down if it means making things right. But as high school races toward its inevitable end and the hornets begin to swarm from all directions, Atlanta must decide how much of herself and her growing group of friends she is willing to risk…before it’s too late.

My Rating

giphy (2)

Chuck Wendig is one hell of a writer, and in Atlanta Burns, he has created one of those characters who could go on to be a cult favorite. She’s hot-headed. She’s stubborn. She’s a foul-mouthed, no-nonsense ball of PTSD, spit, and fire. She’s my hero (or, rather, anti-hero.)

In the last book, Atlanta took on big, scary baddies that should have squashed her where she stood. And she won.

In this one, she took on criminals who already had her in their sights, people who wanted to see her crash, people who wanted to watch Atlanta burn. But Atlanta doesn’t crash and burn; she burns the bad guy’s life down. That’s just how she rolls. And it’s why I love her so much.

This book was a fast, breath-holding read. I give this book five stars and recommend it to anyone who likes underdog stories, strong women, and watching the bad guys get what they deserve.

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