Dropping Bombs: ParaDice Point #5 [Free Short Fiction]

As part of the 13 Week Streak, I have been writing a serial story that follows a P.I. as she searches a small town called ParaDice Point for clues in a case about missing kids, car thieves, and murder.

(I also used a second prompt this time. It came from the greatest penmonkey of them all, Chuck Wendig.)

Here’s the next installment – and a refresher. Feel free to skip down to part 5 if you’ve been following along.

13 week streak


Farrah Basking, P.I.: ParaDice Point

Part 1: Fast Car

Farrah is a private eye called in to investigate the case of two missing teenagers, and she worries there may be more to their disappearance than meets the eye.

Part 2: Carnies

When she finds out a traveling carnival showed up the day the teens went missing, she has to turn over that stone before she can follow up with her suspicions.

Part 3: Sight to See

Farrah gets a tip from an unlikely source on where the kids might be.

Part 4: A Tooth for a Tooth

Things get messy with a child’s discovery on the pier and Farrah wonders what she has gotten herself into.

Part 5: Dropping Bombs

Scared townspeople start pointing fingers as the discovery strikes the town’s heart with terror.

Things are speeding up for Farrah as she closes in on what is actually going on in this small town. Has this story got you in its clutches yet?

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