Short Story of the Week for July 30, 2017

Flash fiction is a unique flavor of short story writing. It’s harder, for sure, but when done well, it’s also richer and sharper, and it can stay with you as long as a full-length book.

I tasked myself with choosing my favorite short story or flash fiction story for the previous week. Here’s my latest pick.


Story Link

Dr. Baldwin, I Presume by Chris Musgrave is the story of a man who has had enough.


Careful not to read my comments before you read the story; spoilers may lurk within. You’ve been warned.

My Thoughts

Indiana Jones

I immediately thought of Indiana Jones when I read this story.

While we don’t ever find out exactly why everyone keeps asking the main character, Dr. Baldwin, to help them with their unusual problems, I think that’s a big part of the fun of the piece. We don’t know why, but we do know that he’s tired of it. He wants no part of it.

I’d love to know more – but if I never know, I’m fine with that, too. This was a great story!

If you read all this way and didn’t read the stories first, shame on you – but go read the stories now. You won’t regret it.

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2 responses to “Short Story of the Week for July 30, 2017”

  1. Thank you for choosing my story for your highlight feature. I’m so pleased you like it and as for the reasons why he refuses the call to action…well, I think I’ll keep those to myself.


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