This Anonymous Group of Do-Gooders Aren’t #FakeNews [We Are The World Blogfest]

The We Are The World Blogfest (#WATWB) is a blog hop that encourages bloggers to share good news, and this is my second time to participate.

Most of the news we see these days is bad news, right? But #WATWB wants to help lift positive news up above the bad, so that we can all have hope that there is still good left in the world.

My post for this week is about a group of people who help kids in their struggling hometown out of the goodness of their hearts.

Poverty in Rural Kansas

The percentage of people in Kansas who live below the poverty line is high – about 17% as of 2015. In the small, rural city of Fredonia, that number jumps to 25%.

The majority of those living below the poverty line are aged between 6 and 24.

A group of citizens that call themselves the Secret Alumni Yellowjacket Society (SAYS) are giving back to those young people so that, hopefully, they will thrive despite their economic disadvantages.


Who Are SAYS?

That’s the thing: Members of SAYS wish to remain anonymous.

They say they just want to help kids have the best opportunity at getting a good education and making something of themselves.

“Most of our members are pretty successful and now are at a point in their life that they want to give back, but don’t want any public recognition,” president of SAYS told the Good News Network.

How to Support SAYS

They have a website where you can pledge money to help kids, teachers, and counselors in the affected town.

Related Causes

If you want to go further in supporting kids living in poverty, give a few bucks to one of these organizations, too:


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9 responses to “This Anonymous Group of Do-Gooders Aren’t #FakeNews [We Are The World Blogfest]”

  1. Human sincerity is difficult to gauge. In this case, the donation of an astounding $65,000 since forming in January, and the wish to remain anonymous proves that SAYS is an organisation consisting of real, compassionate people. It restores one’s faith in humans.
    So heart-warming to read this!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Writer In Transit


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