Short Story of the Week for August 20, 2017

This was my favorite of all the flash fiction I read this week.

It’s a story of innocence – or something like it.


Story Link

Entomophagy and Other Pastimes by Chris Musgrave is the story of a girl who took a dare to avoid an inconvenient truth and the strange consequences.

Careful not to read my comments before you read the story; spoilers may lurk within. You’ve been warned.

My Thoughts


This story is short, but it manages to explore themes regarding confidences, sexism, challenges, triumphs, and speculates as to a world in which more than meets the eye – all within about 500 words.

Read it because you want to know how a girl protects her dignity in the face of slut-shaming by another girl.

Read it because you want to know what happens to the slut-shamer in the end.

Read it because bugs are gross, but everyone has thought about eating one at least once. (Oh, you haven’t? Ooookay.)

Read it because it’s a great story. Period.

If you read all this way and didn’t read the stories first, shame on you – but go read the stories now. You won’t regret it.

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