Strengthening My Brand with a Pseudonym


Back when I originally decided to pursue writing on the side, I was young and naive. I had big plans for myself. And one of those plans was to write under a pseudonym to keep my writing and “real” life separate.

How was I to know that, six years later, I would only just be considering using the name for real?

image of a girl looking out over a rail

It Began with a Dream

The year was 2011, and all I had ever wanted was to be an author. I came up with several pseudonyms, put them all into a hat, and drew one out.

That was how easily I settled on the name Coda Napeland.

I thought this renaming would free me from the restrictions I put on myself about who I was allowed to be and what I would do with my life… But it didn’t happen. The name didn’t help. And, in short order, I gave it up.

And Then I Grew Up

A couple of years later, I published my first book, and Coda Napeland wasn’t on the cover – but it’s the name that should have been.

That book was a horror collection called Darkness Undone (now out of print), and it has nothing to do with the brand I’ve tried to cultivate under the inclusive, women-centered Adan Ramie umbrella.


A New Umbrella

After years of disuse, Coda X. Napeland was reborn. I’m not using the name to hide who I am; I’ll readily admit that Coda is Adan and Adan is Coda.

The change of name is about branding, about what you can expect when you pick up a book with the name Adan Ramie on the front. You can expect a female protagonist. You can expect her to love women (though not always in the strictly lesbian sense). And you can expect her to overcome obstacles and grow as a person.

You can’t expect horror. For that, you’ll have to step to the second booth with the CXN label. Coda’s the horror writer, not Adan.

And Coda’s going to be using NaNoWriMo this year to explore her lifetime goal: Write a Horror Novel.


We are all of us many people. This is just one of the ways I’m trying to help you, reader, to know what to expect from two facets of who I am.

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