The Future is Calling

It has taken me over a week into this year to finally come up with a list of everything I accomplished last year and decide on what I want 2018 to mean to me.

Let’s Recap:

Before we look forward, we must look back.


Dean Winchester Smile


Dean Winchester Dude Yes

And Now We March Forward

Based on the past two years, I’d say it’s no stretch to believe I might publish and write even more than I have the last two years.


  • I got the idea for writing a mission statement for my year-to-come from the author, Susan Kaye Quinn. Here’s mine – To use my gifts and my voice to spread the message that people like me are just that – normal people who live, love, and yearn like everyone else. To write books with less need for revision and more depth. To continue to produce well and progress in publishing more books this year than last. To maintain and build more friendships and partnerships with other authors. And to be proud of all I accomplish this year.
  • Books to Publish: 6 – Split (Moving On #3), Lesbians in Space #2, The Lines We Draw (novelization of Lines Blur), Golden Triangle Queer Paranormal Cozy #1, 2, 3 (based on ParaDice Point)
  • Seasons of Supernatural to Watch: 6
  • Short Fiction Pieces to Write: 50
  • Books to Read: 100
  • Blog Posts to Write: ~12. I know, I know. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with blogging. I tried to post more, I tried to post on a schedule, I tried to write this, that, and the other. None of it really worked, and all of it served to drag me away from the more important work of writing books. I will still post updates here, but not before I send that information to my VIP Readers, who will get priority timing, pricing, etc.
  • I’m also on a quest to get my health in order. I’m working on eating better, exercising more, getting myself to the doctor, and getting the rest I need to thrive.

Dean Winchester Full of Surprises

I look forward to reading about how everyone else felt their 2017 went, and everyone’s plans for the future.

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