Phoenix [Free Short Fiction]

I signed up late last year to be a part of another flash fiction contest: Said Bree’s Flash Fiction Challenge 2018, and this is the second of my attempts at following the prompts.

This week, I have two prompts: a coffee shop, a death.

It’s based on the story that started with ParaDice Point. You don’t need to have read that story to follow this one, but you can.

Without any further, here’s today’s story.

“The real world is where the monsters are.”
―  Rick RiordanThe Lightning Thief


Artisan roasted coffee was the one indulgence Phoenix allowed herself. She sat alone in the coffee shop closest to her lair and sipped the hot brew every day amongst the weepy-eyed college students and clusters of preening adolescents until she finally chose a victim.

Then she stopped to recharge.

She purged the caffeine, the sugar, and the thick, frothy milk, but kept the chemicals that leeched so perfectly through the pores of her slippery, scaled tongue and ran straight to her brain to prime it for what gave her true power.

Fields of metal tubing pumping thick plumes of noxious smoke and invisible trails of gas into the clouds to rain down on the heads of the purposefully ignorant recharged her. She stripped naked, shuffled off even the skin she wore to present a face to human society, and breathed, drank, and writhed in muck while the moon’s glow tried to pierce the golden veil that hung low in the sky.

Of all the places she had huddled low, Darkport was one of her favorites.

The air was thick with filth, and it tasted almost as good as the corruption that flowed in the veins and washed across the brains of her victims.

Her victims begged for what she offered, and Phoenix was more than happy to provide.


The story continues later this year with my supernatural cozy mystery series starring Amara and Rylan Gray.

Want to get a heads-up when the new series is published? What about a free full-length novel (or three), blog updates, book updates, and special offers not available to anyone else? You should definitely join my Constant Readers group.

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