When I Met Her [Free Short Fiction]

I started what will hopefully be a thirteen-book paranormal cozy mystery series with ParaDice Point that I plan to start publishing later this year. You don’t need to have read that story to follow this one, but you can. I wouldn’t mind.

The prompt for this week: She’s almost hit by a car…

Here’s this week’s story.

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” 
Pablo Neruda


When I Met Her

The darkness was thick and the rocky white road shone brightly the first time I saw Mary. She had long, blonde hair that hung wet and heavy down the back of her dark-colored dress, and my first instinct was to pull her into my truck and take her home.

Of course, even back then you couldn’t just pull a girl into your vehicle late at night, but I never meant any harm. I just wanted to help her.

I never saw the car coming. It was almost on her before I called out and she slid out of the way with preternatural grace. I should have known then that there was something off about her.

“Will you take me home?” she asked.

Could I turn her down? I’m a gentleman, born and raised, and I would never leave a girl like that alone on the road after dark. She climbed into the cab and it filled with the scent of summer rain, though it was the middle of a dry winter. I ignored it. The girl was gorgeous.

Her house was on a long stretch without a street sign or a light in sight, but when I was a young man, you saw that more than you do now. I thought they were dirty poor, probably, and when I pulled up in the driveway, the house didn’t change my mind.

I turned to ask her if I could see her again and she was gone. The only thing she left behind was the scent of rain and a wet handprint on the door handle.


The story continues later this year with my supernatural cozy mystery series starring Amara and Rylan Gray.

Want to get a heads-up when the new series is published? What about a free full-length novel (or three), blog updates, book updates, and special offers not available to anyone else? You should definitely join my Constant Readers group.

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