Loving Lakyn [Book Review]

Ever read a book you wanted to like, and sure, you did… but you didn’t like it at the same time?

LGBT youth depression book Loving Lakyn by Charlotte Reagan

Book Description

Lakyn James is sixteen years old and hating every second of it. He was supposed to be done, he’d tapped out. End of story, unsubscribe here. Suicide “attempt”, they said. His intentions had no “attempt” in them.

Re-entering normal life after ‘trying’ to take his own is weird. Especially when the world keeps going like it never happened. He still has to eat breakfast, go to school, and somehow convince a cute boy that he’s too damaged to date.

Scott White comes with his own problems, namely a habit of drinking too much and being indecisive about rather he wants in the closet, or out of it. Lakyn can’t stand him; he also can’t help smiling when Scott’s around.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – for Lakyn, life has decided to give him a second chance. He’s not happy about it, but maybe, with a lot of hard work and a good therapist, he can learn to be. And maybe he can hold Scott’s hand at the same time.

No promises though.

My Rating

little boy in devil outfit smiling and waving

This book was a thought-provoking one for me.

I originally wanted to read this book because I had read Reagan’s other book, Just Juliet, and enjoyed it pretty well.

I wanted to like it, and for the most part, I did. But I couldn’t get behind it 100%, because I felt the Christian aspect should have been mentioned in the blurb. I’m not a religious person, and while I believe in everyone’s right to choose their own religious and spiritual path, I don’t think it should simply be accepted as “normal” that everyone is a Christian.

That being said, the build-up of the story was good, and if the religious overtones were extracted, I think it would be a book I would recommend to LGBTQ youth.

So, like I said before, it was one of those books that I wanted to like, did like, but had some issues with, too.

I give this book three of five stars for being an interesting, if slightly problematic, story of a young man coming to grips with depression, self-harm, and being gay in a small town.

This is an affiliate link; buy your copy from my page, and I receive a commission to help pay for my hosting costs, but you don’t pay any extra. I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

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