It has taken me way too long into this year to finally come up with a list of everything I accomplished last year and decide on what I want 2019 to mean to me.

What’s that, you ask? 2019 is going to mean change, like every year, but this time, I’m giving it the title Year of Me. Yeah, I know, but if you’ll follow me for a sec…

Let’s Recap:

Before we look forward, we have to take a look back. Else, how will we know how far we have gone?


donna okie doke


  • I lost NaNoWriMo for the first time in five years. But I got about the first quarter of Devour (Lesbians in Space #2) written, so that’s something.
  • Books I Wanted to Publish: 6 – Split (Moving On #3), Devour (Lesbians in Space #2), The Lines We Draw (novelization of Lines Blur), Golden Triangle Queer Paranormal Cozy #1, 2, 3 (based on ParaDice Point)
  • Books Actually Published: 3 – literally HALF of what I had hoped. The ones that made it were Split (Moving On #3), Her Sequel (novelization and continuation of Lines Blur), and Dished. (Well, technically, 4. My novella, Drive Me Wild, was also published in the collection Winter Hearts, whose proceeds go to two very worthy causes.)
  • Seasons of Supernatural Watched: 5-1/2. I’m all caught up and I’ve even rewatched a few of my favorite episodes while working on my Golden Triangle Queer Paranormal Cozy series, which is still very much in the makings.
  • Short Fiction Pieces Written: 6. Most are pieces of longer works that have been released or will be released in the near future.
  • Books Read: 62. I said I would read 100, then dropped my goal to 50, and managed to get a little under halfway between the two goals. Pretty good.
  • Blog Posts I Wanted to Write: 12. I was sick of blogging, but I knew I still had to do it… Right? Because people still read this blog? Sometimes I wonder.
  • Blog Posts Actually Written: 21. More than I expected. I guess when I took away the obligation, more came to me. Or maybe I was just involved in more sales and got more into the lesfic community. Who knows.
  • Best Movie I Watched All Year: A Quiet Place. I could rave about this movie for the rest of the post, but I won’t. All I have to say that it was worth every second of watching it. Emily Blunt delivered an amazing performance.

quiet place

And So It Begins Again

Based on the past two years, I can safely assume that 3-4 books is a good goal to aim for, so that’s what I want to set my sights on. I also think I should read more this year than last, because that might have had something to do with how much I wrote.

I have my health problems more under control now, money is less of an issue, and things seem to be settling my way in a lot of areas… so I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity to make 2019 the Year of Me.

louse cutting ear


  • Started two new career ventures I can’t talk about here. Mystery, right? Eh? Eh?
  • Books to Publish: Devour (Lesbians in Space #2), Rescued #2, and two more. I’m not sure what the other two are yet, but I’ll be sure to let my mailing list know as soon as I do. You should join that, because I might not post more about it here.
  • Short Fiction Pieces to Write: 2. I’m backing away from short fiction again so that I can focus on getting my longer fiction written. But don’t despair! A novella I wrote for the collection Winter Hearts will be released to members of my readers list as soon as the collective authors have decided to take that collection down.
  • Books to Read: 50. Yeah, I know. Same goal as last year, and I only barely made it, but I’m going to try to catch up on my reading this year. Like I said earlier, I’m hoping it will help me reach my publishing goal.
  • Blog Posts to Write: 6. I don’t know what they will be about, but this one counts, so I’m already ahead of the game.
  • On another front, I’ll be working on editing and rewriting the novel I wrote for my horror pseudonym, Coda x. Napeland. It’s not strictly lesfic, and it’s got a lot of horror, so that’s why it’s under a different name. I haven’t read it since I wrote it, so here’s hoping I did a better job on it than the book that inspired it. (Update: This book turned into an Adan book, because it’s much more suspense than it is horror.)

horror girl

I look forward to reading about how everyone else felt their 2018 went, and everyone’s plans for the coming year.

Your Turn

Which of my planned books this year are you most excited to see published? Are there any questions you have for me that I didn’t answer here?

Post in the comments to let me know you’re still following and interested in these updates.

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  1. The past couple of years have been rough. You’ve accomplished a lot, despite the chaos. That’s something to be proud of! Hopefully this year will see all this and more accomplished. You’ve got my support <3

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