When last I wrote here, I had big plans. Big dreams. Loads of information. I was extremely hopeful that this would be the Year of Me, and I wasn’t wrong.

Not really.

But things took quite a turn I wasn’t expecting.


(I’ll start with the depressing stuff, but it’ll pick up, I promise.)

The Lowdown:

Later this month, my divorce will be finalized.

I moved to a different city with my two kids. One was already homeschooled, but now the other one is, as well, so we’re spending a lot of solid, quality time together.

And my health, which was on an upswing, plummeted into the pits. I hurt myself badly recently and ended up more invalid than I normally am for almost two weeks. And for a (control freak) recovering perfectionist like me, it was hard to let go and let other people help me. But I managed.

… Just in time to come down with what I can only assume is the plague.

Here I am, still sniffling, still half-whispering, half-yelling because my ears are stopped up, and I’m finally writing a blog post after more than half the year is over, and I don’t have a lot of work progress to report.

Novel Progress

I wanted to have four new books published. Devour (Lesbians in Space #2), Rescued #2, and two others.

  • I’m still working on Devour; I’m about halfway done with the first draft.
  • Rescued #2 turned into a prequel, and I’m about 10% finished with that first draft.

And the other two books?

  • I have one I’m plotting out to write in November for NaNoWriMo that will be a (hopefully) funny, May/December romance.
  • The other is actually published! It’s a collection of several books, actually, and includes all of the books from my Deviant Behaviors series (plus exclusive stuff), and it’s officially for sale now.

There’s still time for you to join my newsletter to get my novella from Winter Hearts, a story called Drive Me Wild, about a single mother moving across the country to find herself, which I really enjoyed writing.

The newsletter comes out next week, so if you’re interested, sign up now.

  • I dropped the ball on revising my horror novel for my pseudonym, Coda x. Napeland, but I’ll pick it up… eventually. And I’ll try to write about that on the blog for that pseudonym, which I’ve completely ignored for what feels like a lifetime.
  • And my cozy mystery series? Turns out, it’s not as cozy as I originally envisioned, so I’m taking a long break from it until I can figure it out.

Reading Time for a Weary Soul

  • I set my goal for this year to 50, and through everything, I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m currently at 28/50.

Have a book recommendation for me? I’m all ears.

  • I think my favorite book I’ve read this year was the prequel to Practical Magic, The Rules of Magic. I’ve seen the movie with Sandra Bullock, but I never knew it was a book. I plan to actually read Practical Magic before the year is up.

What Else Can I Say?

One of the first things I did when I split from my soon-to-be-ex-wife was take a trip to Austin, Texas. I went with two people who are dear to me. (One I consider a sister, and the other is a best friend, only better.)

We did the usual touristy things, but we had one real destination in mind: the Family Business Beer Company.

If you recognize the name, you’re probably a fan of Supernatural; it’s the company the actor, Jensen Ackles, started with his wife, their family, and a few very close friends.

It was an amazing trip and it really helped solidify in my mind that my whole life was changing.

Who knows how this will color my writing?

I know it has changed my priorities. It’s made me look at how I was spending my life and consciously make decisions about how I want to spend my time from here on out.

I’m not at my perfect life yet, but it’s getting better everyday.

Your Turn

I’m looking for book recommendations. I’m looking for homeschool project suggestions. I’m looking for help on how to go from writing once a month back to writing at least a few times a week.

Or, you know, just pats on the back. Those are always welcome.

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5 thoughts on “9 Months Later, Something Unexpected

  1. I’m sorry to hear that all this stuff happened to you. I hope things improve, as does your health.
    I would like to recommend my own book, but I think Kill Creek by Scott Thomas is worth checking out, as is Red Rising by Pierce Brown, and The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn. Oh, and I’ve recently discovered that Sherlock Holmes is easy to digest in audio form.
    Also, Jensen Ackles has a beer company? Where can I buy said beer?

    1. Thanks, Rami. It’s been a weird year, but things are really looking up for me, so I’m glad of that. Rose is on my list! 😀 And thanks for the other rec’s. I’ll definitely look them up. And if you’re ever in Austin, Texas, that’s where you can get Jensen’s beer. They have a lot of interesting flavors, and the ambiance fits the name “Family Business” well.

  2. Sometimes, in order to grow, you have to burn away the underbrush. Despite the chaos, you seem happier overall, which makes me happy for you. <3


    1. I really am happier! And you’re right. Growth requires sacrifice, something many people (including myself) often forget. Burn, baby, burn… Call me a phoenix; I’m ready to see what comes up out of the ashes. <3

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