Adan Ramie (The TL;DR Version)

Adan Ramie is the genre-stomping author of queer-centric romance, science fiction, and suspense books and stories. Adan lives in Texas with an awesome author girlfriend, two kids too cool for them, a goofy dog, and a cat who is tired of it all.

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More About Adan (The Long, First Person Version)

When I first started writing as a kid, I wrote fantasy. Then, as a teen, I switched to horror. After that, I penned my first thriller. And in 2016, incredulous, I wrote my first romance. And I released my first science fiction book in April 2018.

To say my writing can’t be categorized would be an understatement.

I write what comes to mind, genre be damned, and you can be sure there’s more coming in the near future.

In my spare time, I read and review all kinds of books. Authors, drop me a line and we’ll discuss me reviewing yours!

If you’d like to get in touch with me for that or any other reason, be sure to head over to my contact page.