CLUSTER B, A Stunning Suspense Sequel

The kids aren’t all right in the local youth shelter. They’re dropping like flies, and the one person who cares is forbidden from following their bloody trail…

Cluster B by Adan Ramie

Readers called it “a stunning thriller” and “a complicated, dramatic story”. “A great story with many surprises and a must for fans of this genre.”

Harry Thresher has been stripped of her badge and her livelihood pending a formal investigation into the shooting death of a former suspect. She’s furious – and bored as hell.

On the lookout for something to distract her from her misery, she goes to the local youth shelter to take her mind off her misery and stumbles onto something ominous.

When a missing boy comes back with a bloody surprise, Harry knows she must risk losing her badge forever to save the kids — and the woman — she has come to love.

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