DISHED, A Steamy Kitchen Romance

Desserts aren’t the only hot things in this kitchen.

Dished by Adan Ramie
Erotic romance about food, celebrity, and being true to yourself.


Adonia wants to be a professional chef to exclusive clients and she’s willing to do anything to get ahead in the tough industry, relationships be damned.

When her company is hired to cater for a crazy pop-rock star, she is put on a crew where each budding chef is competing against each other for a spot on her cut-throat boss’s exclusive first line. She is forced to deal with everything from crazy-fast deadlines to a forced spa weekend while still cooking up to professional standards, keeping her temper in check, and fighting the building tension between her and her cute co-worker, Leah.

Losing means being blacklisted from the industry, but winning could cost her something a lot more important – her self-respect.