Financial freedom with a religious bent. [Book Review]

Everyone knows that personal finances can be a tricky issue to master. We all have our issues, whether it’s credit card debt, student loans, or a simple lack of cash flow from trying to make it as a book author in today’s economy (that last one’s all me). So when Matthew Paulson contacted me and offered me a copy of his book for review, I felt it was a sign!

cover of self help finances book, The Ten Year Turnaround by Matthew Paulson

Book Description

Are you struggling with your finances? Discover a new approach that will teach you how to grow your money and enrich your life.

Do you want to achieve financial freedom, but have no idea how to get there? Do you feel like you just aren’t making enough money? Are your personal finances a mess? Are you stuck in debt and wish you could get out? Do you feel like your current financial plan isn’t working or isn’t working well enough?

If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s time for you to begin your Ten-Year Turnaround. The Ten-Year Turnaround is a life-changing financial plan created by financial expert Matthew Paulson that will enable you to turnaround your money problems and finally achieve financial freedom.

My Rating

This book is a highly useful resource for people who intend to get out of debt, make more money, invest that money, and become wealthy over a ten-year period.

But it’s geared toward Christian people, and I’m not particularly religious. Paulson says that people who aren’t Christians can skip these parts, and that’s true, because they’re set apart and clearly marked… But they’re a large portion of the book, which I wasn’t expecting.

I give this book three of five stars for having a lot of useful information, but being geared toward an audience I’m not a part of. Christians looking to create a whole new financial experience for themselves will likely get more out of this book than I did.

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