cover of short story Castling by Adan RamieCastling

by Adan Ramie


“You can’t castle!” Sweaty bald spot wiped; eyes down, up.

“I can.” Steady stare.

“Crook.” Standing, belly quakes with anger.

“Pay attention.”

The bullet hits, knees creak and fall. Money leaves the table.




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Originally published 2014-08-15: Castling

This was part of a flash fiction challenge from 2014.

Thain in Vain’s Week 33 Prompt goes like this: Open the book you are reading right now, turn to page 33 and write a super flash fiction about the first proper noun on the page! Word count is 500 as usual, but feel free to use 33 as your word count for this week!

I’m currently reading Naked Heat by Richard Castle. My word was “Rook,” and I accepted the 33-word challenge.

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