Grieving mother seeks solace, finds a mystery that turns into pure horror in By the Dark of Her Eyes. [Book Review]

I’m one of those readers who likes a lot of different genres, so when I find two of my favorites smashed into one book, I nearly always have to take a peek at the story. That’s what happened with the book I’m reviewing today. I saw it was horror… then realized it was lesbian fiction, as well, and knew it was a story I needed in my life.

Ghosts, trauma, and a sexy lesbian contractor? Count me in! I went into this book looking for a great mix of two genres, and I was not disappointed.

cover of lesbian horror novel By the Dark of Her Eyes by Cameron MacElvee

Book Description

The evil lies dormant, waiting to be awakened.

Brenna Taylor relocates to Arizona to nurse her grief and takes possession of a decrepit century-old home sitting among two hundred acres of dead citrus trees. But she unknowingly rouses an evil and stirs the darkness inside herself, a curse she’s carried since childhood. With the help of Alejandra Santana, the charismatic contractor to whom she is drawn, Brenna uncovers the violent history of the land she’s inherited.

As the tormented spirits of massacred migrant workers call out for revenge, the malevolent force that imprisons their souls begins to lure Brenna into its hell. But Alex’s love may not be enough to stand between Brenna and death.

My Rating

The main character of this story wasn’t immediately likable to me, but I don’t need that to like a book. (Or a series. I really dislike Harry as a character, but I devoured the Harry Potter series like they were about to be taken off the market: quickly and with much ferocity.)

Brenna is quite human as a character, and while I didn’t really connect with her at first, after a while she grew on me. Once the creepy happenings started, I liked her a little more. And when she finally came around to really having her breakdown about the heartbreaking losses of several family members, I connected with her at last.

Her strange grieving process (which sort of seemed to me like it wasn’t grieving at all, but more of an afterthought) was my main beef with this story. It didn’t seem as real to me as her fear, her lust, or her desire to find the truth about the property she inherited.

Overall, though, it didn’t take too much away from the story. I really liked this book, and give it four of five stars for being a spooky page-turner that kept me up late into the night to see its crazy conclusion.

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