Privacy. Dignity. The right to be who we are.

In America, these are the kind of rights that have been written down in our laws for a long time. That’s not to say that laws always make it across to the behaviors of the people in charge or the citizens, but it’s been on the books, and that’s an important first step.

Good News for India

The good news is that India has finally taken that step for its LGBT citizens. As of this month, the Supreme Court in India have made a ruling against discrimination based on sexuality, overturning Section 377 of the country’s penal code against sexual activity not deemed part of “the order of nature”.

The judgment read:

“Equality demands that the sexual orientation of each individual in society must be protected on an even platform.”

Good News for the World

With every step in the right direction we take, the world as a whole gets better. Each time we stand up and fight for the rights of every person on our planet, we make a stronger society. It’s a small step, a giant leap, and it makes me proud to be living in an age where things are starting to make sense.

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