Jump back into the superstition of childhood in A. Renee Hunt’s ebook thrill, Puddle. [Book Review]

The minute I saw this cover, I knew I had to read the story. How cool is that hand reaching out of the puddle on the sidewalk?

It immediately brought to mind the kind of superstitious thoughts that plagued most of us in childhood, and I knew it would bring me back to those days when life was simpler, and when all you had to worry about was to step or not to step into a puddle during an Autumn rain.

cover of short horror story Puddle by A Renee Hunt

Book Description

Urban legends are told every day. We hear them and laugh, then they’re forgotten. But if you live in the town of DeSoto, you can’t forget. Every autumn rain, there’s a reminder of something sinister, something deadly. If you aren’t safe in your home or traveling by car, you’re not long for this world. Every puddle could be an illusion, a trap for something waiting below.

Be careful in the rain, especially when walking through a puddle.

My Rating

I’m a huge fan of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series, have been since I was a kid, so reading this story kind of brought me back to my childhood. I love the narrator’s voice; it’s distinctive, and I really enjoy the way she seems to be talking back to the reader in parts.

I give this story four of five stars for being a flashback to my childhood horror addiction and a tale that I’ll remember for a while. I highly recommend it for fans of light horror.

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