Looking back on my beginnings: The First Anthologies to Publish My Work

Two years ago this month, I published the following post on my little blog that almost no one read. I guess it just goes to show that you can start from nowhere, and end up being a published author.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and I look forward to more years of writing, publishing, and collaborating with other awesome writers and editors.

Watch this space in the future for writing tips, discussions, author interviews, and more.

Here’s the post:

The First Anthologies to Publish Me

Originally published 2014-12-12: Anthologies | Beyond the Nightlight and Strange Portals

I’m proud to announce that my short stories have been featured in two anthologies recently, Beyond the Nightlight and Strange Portals.

My story, “In Mirrors”, is featured in Beyond the Nightlight. I have two in Strange Portals. Click on the covers for more information. I can’t begin to express how happy I am that I was chosen to be among the many talented writers in each of these anthologies.

Stay tuned for more information and progress reports on my upcoming novel, [Maladaptation], the story of two young women in love and snared by a dark destiny.

Grab the books mentioned by clicking on the covers below.

Have a great New Year, everyone!

cover of Beyond the Nightlight horror anthology cover of the Ink Slingers Fantasy/Horror anthology, Strange Portals cover of Maladaptation, a suspense thriller, by Adan Ramie

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