For a long time, I was a pantser.

I pantsed my way through a hell of a lot of manuscripts that either sit unfinished on my computer or were deleted long ago. I don’t recommend it.

Though I’m still not what one would call a heavy-duty planner, I do recommend having some kind of a plan before you start writing. It doesn’t work for everyone, but if you have trouble finishing or finish books that are a nightmare to edit, you might want to consider a book like this one to help you out of the weeds and into the light.

writing resource Nail Your Story by Monica Leonelle

Book Description

What makes a story feel connective, engaging, and complete?

If you’ve read dozens of storytelling craft books and still don’t have a strong answer to that question, you’ll love how Nail Your Story doesn’t give you another laundry list of items that your story is supposed to have.

Instead, Nail Your Story attempts to reveal the connections between the various parts of story so that you can more easily build cohesive plots, characters, themes, and settings—without having to stress over the decisions because (surprise!) you’ve probably already made them in another area of your book.

Included in the book:
– Monica’s Smarter Storytelling Framework, which shows you the many layers of a story and how they each relate to each other
– Translation guides for building out your story (for example, how you can use character to build your theme, and vice-versa)
– The Smarter Storytelling Worksheets to help you plot out all the elements of your story into one cohesive document
– Tons of examples from some of the most popular stories of our time, including Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, the Twilight series, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, How To Get Away With Murder, A Song of Ice and Fire, and more.

If you’ve struggled to get 5-star reviews on your stories or build an audience of people dying to get your next book, Nail Your Story will help you identify areas of improvement and even show you how a few small tweaks in your currently available content can make a massive difference in your sales!

My Rating

morning! welcome to another day of higher education. ducky from sixteen candles or pretty in pink or some 80s movie.

This book was chock full of knowledge.

Monica Leonelle goes from the basics through the deeper theory of how to write the best story you can, and even offers worksheets for you to do it yourself at the end.

She really nails the friendly, conversational tone that helps books like this be less weighty. It feels a lot like you’re having a conversation with a really smart writing group member, and it really works. And I love the pop culture examples; they lend an extra level of explanation that the framework needed.

And while there were a few typos and errors, they didn’t detract from the book.

That’s why I give this book five of five stars for being exactly what I wanted to help me plot more books for my awesome readers to enjoy in the future. I highly recommend it to established authors and first timers alike!

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