REVIEW: All the Colors (Copper, Texas, Book 2) by Kenneth Deville

Originally published 2015-10-07: All the Colors (Copper, Texas #2) by Kenneth Deville | Book Review Wednesday


There’s nothing like hometown writers, is there? If you’re lucky, you get to see their work grow, like an angst-filled teenager morphing into an honest-to-goodness adult, and the progression can be anything from slow and steady to raw, animal fury.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting up with local writer, Kenneth Deville, just after his first novel, Copper, Texas, was released. The description of the second book in the series, All the Colors, calls it a “modern day Gothic Western,” and I think that hits pretty close to the mark.

cover of noir gothic western All the Colors by Kenneth Deville

Book Description

It’s been three years since the events in Copper, Texas, and Ernie is not the same man he used to be. Literally. Drinking Braedon LaFavilier’s blood has changed him in more ways than one. It’s given him vampiric abilities, and it’s transformed him into a spitting image of LaFavilier. With that transformation comes some great perks, like a vast fortune, holding all over Europe and the South Pacific, and instant VIP status, wherever he goes.

But wearing Braedon’s face has its drawbacks. Ernie is now a magnet for vampires who want his power. The filthy bloodsuckers hunt him even as he hunts them, and they’ll stop at nothing to drain him dry. And what’s worse, Braedon LaFavilier was not a nice guy, even by vampire standards, and he’s made a ton of enemies. When those enemies come a-calling, Ernie faces a sadistic evil which makes the events of three years ago look like a month of frozen margaritas and sunsets.

Now Ernie, along with his fiery lover Abigail Starr, and his eccentric team of hunters are under siege in the Mexican town they call home. What’s worse, a figure from Ernie’s past has surfaced, adding a new dimension of danger to the whole business. Blood will be spilled, relationships will be tested, and vintage t-shirts will be ruined. Ernie’s Texas tough, but has he got what it takes to survive in this shadow world hidden beyond our own?

My Rating

It’s the first in the Copper, Texas series, and my wife loaned me her signed copy to read back in 2013. I really enjoyed it, and had this to say on Amazon: “Very quick read, highly entertaining. It’s very true to the feel of small towns in Texas. No long, overblown descriptive chapters; this book is almost all action.”

So, when my wife bought the second in the series, All The Colors, I was more than happy to give it a read. And, as my wife pointed out, it was even better than the first book. Deville’s writing has improved, his plot is thicker, and the action is more intense.

The main character, Ernie, is just likeable enough to keep you rooting for him, but don’t get it twisted: he’s no perfect hero. He’s loyal to his girlfriend, Abigail, but his eyes do stray from time to time. He’s a great boss, but if you mess with him, you might end up strapped, bloody and beaten, to a barstool.

I give it four of five stars. If you like vampires that don’t sparkle, that good ol’ Texan charm, blood, guts, and rock music, give All the Colors (and the first book in the series, Copper, Texas) a whirl. This series is a fun, fast read.

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