REVIEW: Between Girlfriends by Elizabeth Dean

Originally published 2015-09-02: Between Girlfriends by Elizabeth Dean | Book Review Wednesday

I found this week’s book, Between Girlfriends by Elizabeth Dean, in a box my wife had out in storage. It’s one of several lesbian fiction titles that I selected to read then donate to the needy gay folk in the surrounding cities.


The idea intrigued me:

They’re here. They’re queer. They’re also outrageous, unstoppable, fashionable, hilarious, insightful, and hopeful… [A] woman’s best defense is always the comfort shared between girlfriends.

Four friends–Gracy, a freelance writer; Lindsay, a conservative workaholic; Parker, a wealthy socialite; and Blair, an African-American princess–embark on a rollicking quest for Ms. Right that is filled with hilarity, insight, hope, and high fashion.

cover of LGBT comedy romance Between Girlfriends by Elizabeth Dean

My Rating

I thought it would be a fun, quick read, so I cracked the cover and started reading while I was sitting outside in the rain, wishing I had picked a better week to have a garage sale that spanned several days. (Seriously, it rained for five days in a row.) Before the garage sale was over, I had finished the book.)

The characters are my favorite part of this book. The lead, Gracy, is a writer. (Why is it I always love the writer characters?) She’s single, and painfully aware that her job keeps her at her desk so much that she has forgotten how to socialize.

A friend suggests she attend a New Years Eve party, and, after a lot of prompting, she agrees. Instead of finding a partner or one-time lover, she finds three friends, and the four of them form a tight-knit group that weathers the test of time, differences of opinion, new relationships, and a long trip to the beach.

I was right about this book. It was funny and painless to read. Classic literature it is not. What it is, however, is a great message that the lesbian community should latch onto: You can be friends with lesbians who are NOT your ex-girlfriends.

This one gets four of five stars.


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