A prosecutor takes on a seemingly unwinnable case with a dark secret. [Book Review]

I came across this book by accident, and only stopped on the cover because of the author name.

Marcia Clark?

As in the O.J. Simpson trial prosecutor, Marcia Clark??

She writes fiction?!

…Yeah, okay, so maybe I should have known that, but I didn’t. So I had to get this book. I wanted to see what kind of novels a former prosecutor would write. And, honestly, the sheer novelty of it was quite a draw, even though I was skeptical that she could write anything… well, good.

cover of suspense thriller Blood Defense by Marcia Clark

Book Description

First in a new series from bestselling author and famed O. J. Simpson trial prosecutor Marcia Clark, a “terrific writer and storyteller” (James Patterson).

Samantha Brinkman, an ambitious, hard-charging Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, is struggling to make a name for herself and to drag her fledgling practice into the big leagues. Sam lands a high-profile double-murder case in which one of the victims is a beloved TV star—and the defendant is a decorated veteran LAPD detective. It promises to be exactly the kind of media sensation that would establish her as a heavy hitter in the world of criminal law.

Though Sam has doubts about his innocence, she and her two associates (her closest childhood friend and a brilliant ex-con) take the case. Notorious for living by her own rules—and fearlessly breaking everyone else’s—Samantha pulls out all the stops in her quest to uncover evidence that will clear the detective. But when a shocking secret at the core of the case shatters her personal world, Sam realizes that not only has her client been playing her, he might be one of the most dangerous sociopaths she’s ever encountered.

My Rating


Can I just say that I was blown away by this book?

I. Love. Samantha. Brinkman. It’s that simple.

This woman is smart, on the streets and in the courtroom, which is good because she’s not above taking on the cases no one else wants. She deals with gangbangers, drug dealers, and hoodlums in one of the worst neighborhoods she could possibly have found an office in. And she does it with such balls, I had to check twice to make sure I wasn’t reading about John McClane.

She is FIERCE, and she’s unapologetically so. She does what she needs to do to get the job done, even if it’s a little shady or very illegal. And she’s exactly the kind of character I’ve been looking for since I lost Kate Beckett to the mausoleum of potential rerun land.

And, can I say, since the mini-series, I can’t help but picture Samantha Brinkman as Sarah Paulson.

Sarah Paulson and Marcia Clark on FX set
Sarah Paulson and Marcia Clark during the “For Your Emmy Consideration” Q&A panel for FX’s “The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”

And imagining any character as Sarah Paulson is a great way to make her more relatable, more sincere, and more attractive.

I’m just saying.

As for the story, it goes through all kinds of twists, turns, and awe-shock moments. I was on the edge of my seat. This book was what people call “unputdownable.” At one point, I gave up on going to bed, and sat for a few hours and just devoured the rest of it.

This book was that good.

The “shocking secret”? Oh, it’s good. But it’s not as good as the other one.

You’ll see.

I give this book five of five stars. I would give it ten if I could. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes crime, suspense, thrillers, or just a good old fashioned romp through the gray areas between good and evil, legal and illegal.

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