REVIEW: Bones of Betrayal by Jefferson Bass

Originally published 2015-05-13: Bones of Betrayal TBR Pile Challenge Review 8

This is the second book I’ve read by the collaborative team (Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson) that publish under the pseudonym Jefferson Bass. Bones of Betrayal is the fourth book in the Body Farm series that follows forensic anthropologist Bill Brockton.

cover of forensic crime novel, Bones of Betrayal by Jefferson Bass


In Bones of Betrayal, a hideous murder has links that connect it to World War Two’s Manhattan Project and the development of the atomic bomb—adding a fascinating historical element that enriches an already superior crime series.

Not having read the books that came before it in the Body Farm series, I can’t speak for continuity or consistency of characterization. I can say that this novel stands alone, which is a nice touch in a series. There is enough detail given from the previous books in the series to know a little backstory on the main characters, but not so much as to be intrusive.

This book follows Brockton as he investigates the death of Dr. Leonard Novak, a prominent physicist involved in the 1940s with helping to create the atomic bomb that would decimate two cities in Japan, and forever change the way humanity fought its battles. Brockton is aided by a well-trained team, each of whom are touched — and forever tainted — by the discovery of the corpse frozen in the hotel pool.

My Rating

I loved this book, but I have to admit, the first three chapters left a lot to be desired. I wasn’t gripped by the story until sometime in chapter 4, and I wasn’t riveted until a few chapters after that.

But once it got its hooks in me, Bones of Betrayal kept me guessing and wanting more. Red herrings and gasp-inducing curve-balls? This book has them. The conclusion left me without words.

I give this book three of five stars. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers, mysteries, and forensic science.

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