REVIEW: Deadwood by Chris Longmuir

Originally published 2016-03-02: Dead Wood by Chris Longmuir | Book Review Wednesday


The description of this book sounded like something I would like, so when I saw it as a choice in the Awesome Indies list, I had to check it out.

Dead Wood by Chris Longmuir is a crime thriller centered around a serial killer whose orders come from a forest haunted by memories of victims past. It’s book #2 of the Dundee Crime series, but it works pretty well as a standalone.

cover of thriller Dead Wood by Chris Longmuir

Book Description

Kara owes money to Dundee gangster Tony and takes to the streets to earn the cash. She narrowly escapes the clutches of a killer on the prowl, but stumbles across the bodies of his other victims. Hunted by the serial killer and the gangsters, Kara goes on the run. However, one of the murder victims is Tony’s daughter, and he vows revenge. He is determined to mete out his own kind of justice to the killer and make him pay the ultimate price.

DS Bill Murphy teams up with newcomer, DC Louise Walker in the murder investigation. But Murphy’s past comes back to haunt him, and he is heading for a breakdown, which means it is up to Louise to catch the killer.

My Rating

Longmuir’s story is bleak. Most of the characters are sleazy, immoral, or downright evil, and there are A LOT of characters. One of my complaints about this story is the number of point-of-view characters whose personalities aren’t unique enough to differentiate them. It was confusing at first, and I didn’t really get interested in how the story would turn out until over halfway in.

Although I had problems getting into it initially, I did enjoy the last third of the story. It was gripping, powerful, and kept me reading until the end. The conclusion, however, took some of the wind out of my sails; it was abrupt, and I thought some of the character reactions were unbelievable.

I gave Dead Wood by Chris Longmuir three of five stars; the story itself was a good one, despite its faults.

This is book #6 on my quest to #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.

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