REVIEW: Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy by Dinty W. Moore

Originally published 2015-10-28: Dear Mr Essay Writer Guy. Questions answered, cocktail napkins desecrated, and advice given in Dinty W. Moore’s Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy


This author’s name caught me right away and made me laugh. C’mon, Dinty Moore? As in Hormel’s beef stew?

As it turns out, it’s Dinty W. Moore, as in the American essayist with a flare for the dramatic and a strange sense of humor.

cover of creative nonfiction essay book, Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy by Dinty W. Moore


“The book you are holding here tackles more urgent questions, questions more relevant to the modern reader, questions such as, ‘What is the essay? And why? And how ought we to feel about it, given that there is nothing on television this evening?’”

This book is what it sounds like, but there are some real gems hidden among the child-like humor and funny little pencil drawings on cocktail napkins.

My Rating

Some of the advice is to the point. Other bits are more obscure, and take a little thinking to muddle out. Other reader-writer questions are actually just ignored, and the answers there are even more funny.

All in all, Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy was a fun, light read. Three of five stars.

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