REVIEW: Flypaper by C.K. Vile

Originally published 2016-08-31: One part Misery one part Sharp Objects CK Viles Flypaper is sure to please


I bought this book several months ago primarily because I loved the cover and title. The description was interesting, too, and reminded me of one of my favorite Stephen King books. Horror fans will know these characters, because we all have certain things in common that other people don’t understand.

I started reading Flypaper not expecting much. I had tried to read and given up on several books from my Kindle carousel before I stumbled on this one and decided it was finally time to give it a go.

I’m so glad I did.

cover of horror novel Flypaper by CK Vile

Book Description

Raised in a nightmare-like existence he now recreates in his books, Nick Dawkins wants nothing more than to be left alone. Podunk USA should be far enough away, but for his most passionate fans, the end of the earth is still too close.

Danielle, a fan who manages to find him, shows up and his writer’s block vanishes. He’s inspired. Dreams he didn’t know he had are on the brink of coming true.

He should know better. He’s the teller of terror. There’s no room in his life for fairytales.

My Rating

My favorite thing about Flypaper was the characterization. Each character is different, special, and strange in their own way. They all have personality, and no two are just alike.

I also liked the vibe it had – something like one of my favorite genre of ‘scary’ movies in the ’80s, where the characters were sort of weird and macabre, the setting is a small town, and something unexpected (and life-threatening) happens.

There was a lot of great imagery in this book, too. I particularly loved the phrase ‘technicolor yawn’.

Flypaper by C.K. Vile gets four of five stars because I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! I wish there had been a little bit more build-up in the middle, but it was a great tale, and I look forward to the second one.

This is book #18 on my quest to #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.


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