REVIEW: I’ll Be Leaving You Always by Sandra Scoppettone

This is another of my wife’s recommendations. She has been promising me since we met that I would love this series of lesbian mystery novels, and finally got me to start it earlier this year.

I read Everything You Have is Mine (Lauren Laurano #1) and loved it, so I hoped I would continue to enjoy the series.

cover of LGBT mystery thriller I'll Be Leaving You Always by Sandra Scoppettone

Book Description

In this sequel to EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IS MINE, Lauren’s closest friend Megan is killed hours after a hold up of her Greenwich Village jewelry store, and Lauren soon discovers how little she knew about her friend’s life. Hired by one of Megan’s many ex-husbands to investigate, Lauren takes a microscope to a life she thought she knew intimately and finds a secret world of deception and danger. As Lauren moves closer to the solution to Megan’s murder, she uncovers some unpleasant truths about herself–and realizes how much she needs a little help from her friends.

My Rating

The first few chapters had me worried. I wasn’t engaged like I was with the first book, and even worse, I found the main character mildly annoying. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep reading the series, especially if it got any worse. But my wife egged me on. She said it would get better, and I hoped that it would.

And, all of a sudden, it did. It got immeasurably better. I started reading faster and faster. Those little quirks of Lauren Laurano’s? They didn’t bother me anymore. I actually started to like them.

So what’s the verdict on this book? Three-and-a-half stars of five. I would have given it four if not for the slow beginning.

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