REVIEW: Lethal by Sandra Brown

Originally published 2015-12-16: Lethal by Sandra Brown | Book Review Wednesday

When my mother died earlier this year (2015), my bookworm daughter and I inherited her massive library of collected books.

Some of them, like her Harlequin romance novels, we donated immediately so that someone else might enjoy them. The stack of kids’ books went straight to my daughter, who has been devouring them one after another; she’s over halfway done now, and putting me to shame with her speed.

But a lot of the books stayed with me, and Lethal by Sandra Brown was the first one to pop out at me as something I would enjoy reading.

cover of thriller dark romance Lethal by Sandra Brown


Brown has written almost seventy New York Times bestsellers, and I can see from this book why her stories are so engaging. It’s a thriller written from multiple perspectives with short chapters that leave you breathless to find out what the next page will bring. I read this book quickly, in long gulps and short nibbles, and never wanted to put it down.

Lethal is the story of a mystery hidden deep within a relationship that abruptly ended. Honor Gillette, ordinary Mom-next-door, has finally settled into a peaceful existence after her husband’s untimely death with her daughter, close friends, and family huddled closely around her. But that peace is shattered the day she rushes out to help a sick man who turns on her like a wounded animal.

The man has come to find the key to a secret she didn’t know she had, and he’s not leaving until he gets it. Using her four-year-old daughter for leverage, he tosses her house and leaves her life upside-down in his quest for this all-important but unidentified piece of information.

When some of her closest allies prove that they can’t be trusted, she’s forced to go with him on a journey through theft, breaking and entering, and snake-filled swamps to find a piece of information that will take down the trafficking ring born practically in her back yard.

My Rating

It’s a gripping tale that makes you wonder who among your closest confidants can truly be trusted to have your best interests at heart, and what you would do if your family was in mortal danger. I give Lethal by Sandra Brown five of five stars and highly recommend it for anyone who likes novels full of edge-of-your-seat suspense.

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