REVIEW: Otherworlders by Angela Cavanaugh

Originally published 2015-01-11: Otherworlders by Angela Cavanaugh | A Book Review


Back in December 2014, an author I follow posted an excerpt of her then-upcoming novel, Otherworlders, to her blog. She was asking for ARC readers in exchange for an honest review, and I jumped on the chance to read the rest of the already intriguing story.

I was not disappointed.

cover of science fiction novel Otherworlders by Angela Cavanaugh

Book Description

With their world being steadily decimated by a strange, mutating virus, humanity finds hope in an unlikely hero who promises a machine that can send them to a parallel universe.

The only problem is that this duplicate universe is already populated in much the same way as their own, and the people of their new home aren’t as welcoming as the refugees might have hoped. As the virus starts to spread in the new world, the Otherworlders are marked as dangerous, and xenophobia threatens their survival once more.

My Rating

This is a captivating tale of love, hatred, greed, betrayal, and the quest to find a home in a dystopian nightmare. The author doesn’t bog the reader down with complex scientific themes, but gives us just enough to imagine that in some version of the universe, this technology might one day exist. A fast, engaging read, this novel is sure to please fans of dystopia, sci-fi, and even mainstream thrillers.

I give it five of five stars!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author for my honest review.