REVIEW: Pennies from Burger Heaven by Marcy McKay

Originally published 2016-01-27: Pennies from Burger Heaven by Marcy McKay | Book Review Wednesday


I’ve been waiting to get my copy of this book for a long time, since probably the first time I read a post by Marcy McKay. She’s a dynamite personality who spends a lot of time helping other creative people, and this novel took a long, painful journey on its way to publication.

Pennies from Burger Heaven is Marcy McKay’s first book, but you wouldn’t know it from the quality. Told from the unique perspective of a child, it is simultaneously heart-wrenching and hopeful.

cover of Pennies from Burger Heaven by Marcy McKay

Book Description

Eleven-year-old Copper Daniels is homeless and alone. She spends her nights sleeping beneath the cemetery’s Warrior Angel statue for protection, and her days battling the mean streets of Remington, Texas, hell-bent on discovering what happened the night her Mama disappeared. While Copper and her rag-tag group of friends find danger at every corner, two horrors are certain: her Mama’s really missing and someone’s after Copper, too.

The premise reminded me of ROOM or The Lovely Bones, both painful but amazing reads, so I knew I had to read it as soon as it was released.

My Rating

I devoured this book.

Copper Daniels is a firecracker. She’s underfed, uneducated, and living in a town split in half by two rival gangs who do not hold human life – even the life of a young child – in any regard.

Pennies from Burger Heaven is the first book in her Burger Heaven series, and Marcy says she’s working on Burger Heaven #2 now. I couldn’t wait until she released it to learn more about her, this series, and her work with other authors, so I asked her to be on my blog in the near future.

I give it five of five stars, and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves a smart, sassy character whose courage rivals any adult’s when faced with an unthinkable situation.

This is book #2 on my quest to #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.


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