REVIEW: Phone Kitten by Marika Christian

Originally published 2015-11-25: Phone Kitten by Marika Christian | Book Review Wednesday

This was one of those books that I’m not sure where I got it, or when I got it, but it was on my Kindle carousel and sounded like a fun read, so I started reading it on a whim. And, wow, I sure am glad I bought it! This book was funny, smart, and, while it had suspense and mystery, a very light read.

cover of romantic mystery novel Phone Kitten by Marika Christian


Shy, funny, loveable Emily’s a pretty unlikely candidate for a phone sex operator. She’d die if she had to talk dirty face-to-face—especially to her hot cop boyfriend. She sure didn’t set out to do phone sex—she wanted to be a writer. But when her BFF framed her for plagiarism, she got in a tiny financial hole and saw this ad for “phone actresses”…

Hey, it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. No pantyhose or pantsuits, no regular hours, you’re your own boss, and lots of people to talk to. Guys, that is. But here’s the odd thing—lots of them want to talk about more than Emily’s imagined attributes; they start to think of her as the best friend they’ll never have to meet. Next thing you know, one of her customers gets killed. What’s a phone kitten to do? Solve the murder herself, of course!

My Rating

It’s listed as “Nancy Drew meets Bridget Jones,” and I can see where readers have drawn that comparison from. The main character, Emily, is a former big girl who has slimmed down to a healthy size 12, but she still lives her life like the same girl who feels herself invisible due to her weight.

That is, until the day her job is sabotaged by someone she thought was a friend, and she is forced to start looking for employment. She stumbles upon a job as a — GASP — phone sex operator. Just don’t call this girl a phone whore; she prefers phone kitten, and goes by the moniker Peyton.

When one of her regulars ends up dead at the bottom of a large body of water, Emily turns on her inner sleuth and starts snooping, which gets her into a load of trouble in the form of a nasty stalking killer.

I give it four of five stars and highly recommend Phone Kitten for anyone who enjoys humor, mystery, and a little risqué fun.


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